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PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers are eligible.

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User Stories - Because "it just works"

Michael Edgere and his family being happy about being OhmConnect users
“When we hit $1000 in less than three months, I couldn't believe it. We've made this amount of money from something we didn't even know about a few weeks ago!” - Michael Edgerle from PG&E territory
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JR from San Diego with his wife in nature hiking, which is what they like to do during Ohmhours
“When we get notified that an #OhmHour is coming up, we make a plan to switch everything off and go out for a walk or a bike ride or a dinner somewhere - which is subsidized by what we earn from OhmConnect!” - JR from San Diego
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Lynn's family from San Diego being excited about OhmConnect helping them do something good for the planet
“We were pretty energy efficient before we started OhmConnect - we have solar - but we saw this as a chance to do even more for the planet and maybe earn a little money at the same time.” - Lynn from San Diego
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How it works

woman holding a cell phone connecting her online utility account to OhmConnect
Connect your utility
All PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E electric service customers are eligible. Our service is free, does not change your utility plan, and you can opt-out at any time.
hand holding a light bulb depicting saving energy with OhmConnect
Save energy
We'll let you know when your energy is dirty and ask you to save for one hour a week between 5-9 pm when solar energy is not available.
a hand putting bills into a piggy bank after making money at OhmConnect
Get rewarded
Since California pays us for avoiding dirty power plants being turned on, we are able to reward you for your savings with cash back payments and a chance to win prizes.

Why can OhmConnect pay you for the energy you save?

To finish your registration, you'll need to link your electric utility account to OhmConnect. By doing so, OhmConnect will be able to see how much energy you're saving and will reward you when you reduce your use. It pays to save!